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Platinum – Over 80, free all access membership

Gold – Gym, Group Fitness, Aquatic plus casual squash, court sports and table tennis

Silver – Pick two (Gym, Group Fitness or Aquatic)

Bronze – Pick one (Gym, Group Fitness or Aquatic)

Membership Fortnightly Direct Debit 12 Month Upfront
Gold Family $74.00 $1,780.00
Gold Adult $46.00 $1100.00
Gold Adult Concession $35.00 $845.00
Silver Adult $38.00 $910.00
Silver Adult Concession $29.00 $690.00
Silver Adult – Off Peak $20.00 $480.00
Bronze Family Aquatic $62.00 $1495.00
Bronze Adult $34.00 $810.00
Bronze Adult  Concession $25.00 $615.00
Bronze Child Aquatic $20.00 $480.00
Bronze Adult – Off Peak $16.00 $395.00
Fit 55 $16.00 N/A
  • No lock in contract on any direct debit membership (28 days written notice to cancel any time)
  • All Gym access memberships are 24/7
  • Group Fitness memberships now include Group Cycle, TotalBody and Aqua classes
  • All Aquatic memberships now include Aqua classes
  • Off-Peak memberships allow access to the pool between 6.30am – 9.30am and the gym between 1.30pm-3.30pm Monday – Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new membership types?

BRONZE Membership 1 unit = Aquatic, Group Exercise or Gym.

SILVER Membership 2 units = a combination of 2 of the units.

GOLD Membership 3 units = all 3 plus facility sports.

PLATINUM Membership = over 80s get a free membership on us!

What are the new features of them?

  • No joining fee on any new membership
  • No lock in contract on any new membership – just 30 days written notice to cancel
  • All gym units will have 24/7 access
  • All Group Exercise units now include spin, circuits and aqua classes
  • All Aquatic units now include aqua classes
  • Direct Debit or 12 month upfront options

Why have the memberships changed?

We felt our current memberships were confusing and very restricting. We wanted to simplify this to make it easier to understand and more beneficial to our members.

Can I switch to a new membership if I’m still in a 12 month contract?

Yes and we encourage it! We would love everyone to be on our new membership types. Just simply come to reception and fill out a form and we can switch you over.

Why do I need to complete a new form?

Since we have changed our memberships, our terms and conditions have changed too. We just need to make sure everyone is on the same page and has agreed to the terms.

I am on a 24/7 Gym Plus Membership and want to continue with this, is that ok?

Yes, it has the same access as our new Silver Gym and Aquatic membership.

The only thing you will have to do is complete a new form with the updated Terms and Conditions so you can get all the new benefits of no lock in contract etc. We will then just change the name of your membership for our records.

How can I get 24/7 access to the gym if I don’t already?

We just need you to complete a new form for our records then your access will be set up.

Why are there no 1 or 3 month memberships anymore?

As we don’t have lengthy lock in contracts for our direct debits anymore, there is no need for the shorter membership types. If you are only in town for a couple of months, simply sign up and give us your 30 day written cancellation when you know you are leaving town.

What if my insurance company pays my membership?

That’s ok! We will still offer 3 month memberships for insurance purposes.

Why do you need medical details?

If you are using the gym, our instructors need to be aware of any conditions you may have to make sure you are not doing any exercises that may injury or effect any current conditions you may have. It also means, that in the event of an emergency, we can give any information to the emergency services that might be helpful.

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